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I grew up in a farming community near Kingston. I moved to Midland in 2016 after graduating from the Midwifery Education Program at Laurentian University. In 2022 I decided to take some time off-call and have been working at the Georgian Bay Women’s Clinic to focus on bringing the midwifery model of care to sexual health outside of routine perinatal care. This work is the perfect mix of everything I am passionate about: reproductive rights, health education, harm-reduction, and celebration of the messy, magical world of sexuality!


In my life before midwifery I worked and volunteered extensively with social justice organizations addressing addiction, gender-based violence, poverty, and LGBTQ2SA+ rights. I have seen and heard it all! I aim to meet my clients where they are at, and to provide health care that gets them what they need without judgment, so they can live the lives they want to live.  

When I’m not in clinic you can usually find me in the garden.

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