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Accessing Midwifery care means that Registered Midwives will become your primary care providers for pregnancy, labour and birth, and for six weeks postpartum. The midwives are on call to you 24/7 for urgent concerns and provide all available services for low risk obstetric and newborn care. They also provide supportive care if your condition becomes high risk. As well, Midwives spend considerable time explaining the various tests and options available to you and support the choices that you make once you have been fully informed and have had all your questions answered.

While in midwifery care with us, our close partnership with CSC Chigamik CHC allows for referrals to several of their health practitioners to provide more comprehensive pregnancy care including:  

  • Indigenous doula collective 

  • Indigenous healers 

  • Perinatal mental health and addiction counsellors 

  • Physiotherapy 

  • Dietician 

  • Social work 

  • Primary care 

To learn more about CSC Chigamik CHC check them out HERE.

To learn more about midwifery care in Ontario check out these videos by the Association of Ontario Midwives below:

​Prenatal Care Video:

Labour and Birth Video:

Postpartum Video:


All pregnant people in Midland, Penetanguishene, Tiny, Tay and parts of Severn planning births at home, Georgian Bay General Hospital or Orillia Soldiers' Memorial Hospital are eligible to receive Midwifery care from the Midland Midwives by the Bay. 

Please note: since midwives follow people who are considered low risk, once they understand more about you and your health history, they may recommend you seek care from another provider entirely or in a shared relationship.  


Our services are free and you do not need a health card to access them. 


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