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The Early Pregnancy Assessment Clinic (EPAC) is a dedicated clinic that provides care if you are experiencing problems in early pregnancy (less than 13 weeks gestation). We provide assessment for conditions such as vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain and cramping, ectopic pregnancy follow-up and threatened or actual pregnancy loss. We can provide holistic care to you and your family throughout this journey.

The most common reasons for visits to the EPAC are bleeding and/or pain with a positive pregnancy test. The EPAC provides requisitions for investigations such as blood work and ultrasounds. These tests can confirm if you are still pregnant with a continuing pregnancy or whether you may be experiencing a pregnancy loss. It is important to remember that blood tests or an ultrasound will not change the outcome of your pregnancy but will give information on whether your pregnancy is continuing or not. It is important to  note, this may require more than one visit to the EPAC before a diagnosis can be confirmed. There are also scan limitations when scanning very small/early pregnancies.

If you are experiencing pregnancy loss, our Midwive's role is to assess and identify your needs, provide emotional support, and help you decide which option is best for you. All options are provided and discussed. These options include expectant management, medical or surgical management. The Clinic can provide you with appropriate consultations and follow-ups as required. You are followed by the Clinic until pregnancy complications are resolved.

If you are still pregnant, we can provide information and referrals to prenatal care providers in the area.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are experiencing heavy bleeding and/or severe abdominal pain please go to the local Emergency Department for assessment.


All individuals in the North Simcoe region are eligible for our services. You do not need to be a current client of the Midland Midwives by the Bay. You can self-refer to the EPAC or be referred by your midwife, primary care provider or the Emergency Department.


Our services are free and you do not need a health card to access them. 


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