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I am very happy to be continuing to offer midwifery services in the Midland area as I have been since 2008, when I started Midwives Nottawasaga. Through my work with that practice, it became apparent that families of the Midland and area needed their very own midwifery practice. Since 2018, I have enjoyed working with Kim and Leda and our ever expanding practice to make this a reality and so pleased that Midland Midwives By the Bay has finally come to fruition.

I am currently working in our Breastfeeding and Postpartum Clinic, a community clinic open to everyone, not just midwifery clients. I am also working on setting up the Early Pregnancy Clinic, which we hope to launch in 2022. While I am sad to not be working directly with birthing clients at this time, I am happy to bring some much needed services to provide local care to all.

I graduated from McMaster University Midwifery Education Programme in 2002 and have been working as a rural midwife since; first in Owen Sound, then in Collingwood and now here! Since starting work, I have remained involved in activities outside my clinical responsibilities. I am a clinical preceptor with the Midwifery Education Programme and serve as the Head Midwife at Georgian Bay General Hospital. I am very much dedicated to bringing birth back to the community and keeping our unit open.

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