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Erin DeVeber holds a BHSc in Midwifery (Toronto Metropolitan University, 2022) and a BA in Psychology (University of New Brunswick, 2018). Prior to studying Midwifery, Erin studied Mechanical Engineering at Western University and worked as a coach for recreational marathon runners.

Originally hailing from Northern Ontario, Erin began doing birth work after their daughter’s birth in 2012 and found their way to midwifery after the 2015 home-birth of their third child in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Over the next few years, Erin fell in love with rural midwifery before moving to Hamilton, Ontario to practice out of McMaster Children’s Hospital. Erin’s passion for midwifery is driven by an understanding that pregnancy and birth are intimate events that hold the potential for powerful personal growth. The openness and vulnerability required for transformation are best achieved when clients’ self-sovereignty is supported through continuity of care and empowerment through education. Erin strives to provide care that is not only evidence-based but also deeply rooted in respect for traditional knowledge, and the life experiences of birthing people and their families.

Outside of work, Erin volunteers with the Hamilton Shelter Health Network providing on-call midwifery services to urban clients accessing the shelter system. Erin is passionate about community-building and providing inclusive care to marginalized communities, including LGBTQ2S+ families.  

Between births and spending time with clients, you’ll find Erin exploring the trails; on the yoga mat; writing children’s science fiction; or adding to their out-of-control plant collection. Erin is incredibly excited to be joining the team at Midland midwives by the Bay and supporting your family on the journey to come.  

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